During a tour of the Southwest, I discovered the "Story Bracelets" created  by Native American craftsmen and was inspired by their work to develop the "Cowboy Story Bracelets" shown on this page.  Scenes are from the everyday life of working  cowboys, captured in Gold and set on bracelets of Sterling Silver.

Soon I expanded the line to include rodeo and other horse related fields of interest.  Some of my clients have referred to these pieces as "Wearable Art", and as with my bronzes, careful attention to authenticity and detail is given each piece.

These prices  reflect past gold and silver markets, call for current pricing.

Cowboy Story Bracelets
"The Roundup" -the bracelet  closest,  features cowboys working around the chuck wagon.  10kt details on a sterling band.  As with all of the bracelets, the inside is engraved in bright cut western patterns.


"The Brush poppers" (seen on the left,  bottom),  has scenes from the South Texas brush country, cowboys in a "wreck" and a brahman cow not liking the "treatment" she's receiving.


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"Runnin' Horses" 
Gold Horses
      "Runnin' Horses" 
     Sterling silver horses
"Pushin' Horns"
"Derby Days"
"Pick Your Poison"
All bracelets are availabe with a smaller border.
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"The Remuda"


Personalized Bracelets



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