"Waltz Across Texas"

Edition of 28
18"T X 9"W X 9"D

Under the horse, between the front and rear cinches of the saddle, there is a “hobble strap” that holds the rear cinch in place by anchoring it to the front cinch.  The purpose of the “hobble strap” is to prevent the back cinch from sliding back into the sensitive flank of the horse.  Horses don't like that.  In fact, when it does happen they dislike it so much that many sure ‘nuff gentle, “foolproof” ole' saddle horses will turn into a fire breathing, man eating, widow making
rodeo bronc that invites you to join him out on the dance floor.  And if you’re not “cowboy’ed up”, you won’t be going home with the one you brought.  I’ve been paired up with some ole ponies that sure liked to “Waltz Across Texas”.

And on occasion I’ve had to walk  home from the dance alone.



Copyright 2019, Rick McCumber