Rick McCumber

"Unnecessary Roughness"

Edition of 28
21"T x 13"W x 12"D


There sure are some sensitive spots on a horse!  Frazzled nerves can be soothed by the silky softness of a horse nuzzling your hand or cheek.  And how can an 1100 pound horse find and pick up a single kernel of corn off of a gravel road?

There's another spot on the other end of a pony that's mighty sensitive too.  I suppose that's why it has a cover over it.  Sometimes though, a foreign object gets between this cover and that spot and boy does a horse dislike it!  The more he dislikes it the harder the cover is clinched.  Cowboys who find themselves in this situation have a pocket full of tricks to try and relax ole bay, from spurring to whispering ... an all out campaign is launched immediately to remedy the situation.  If a hand is unfortunate to be tied on hard and fast and finds himself in this predicament in prickly pear country ...there sure could be some
Unnecessary Roughness.