Rick McCumber

"Nag Nag Nag"
Edition of 25
10"W X 10"T X 10"D

Brood mares spend a lot of time in the shade, napping, swapping stories and waiting for the new crop of colts to arrive.    By standing head to tail, they keep the flies from the other’s faces with a lazy swish or two of their tails.  And a good friend can sure relieve a nagging itch by gently chewing on a hard to reach spot.  Friendships and pecking order can be recognized by observing who’s sharing the shady spots.  And you must be a special ole nag if your best friend is the bell mare, because she’s the lead mare of the herd.  I’m not sure what they talk about during these matronly siestas but I guess it’s the same as other mothers.  Like  bragging about raising the biggest and strongest baby last year – bad hair days – Insincere male relationships – grown colts gone bad and why the new mare acts like she does.  You know - 
Nag, Nag, Nag.