Rick McCumber

"Custody Battle"

Many times the younger calves fall  behind when the herd is moved, especially in hot weather or rough country.  Rather than let a calf perish, any cowboy worth his salt will pull it up in the saddle and give that baby calf a ride and a rest.   That’s  just good livestock  management.  However, a good mama, of any species, doesn’t spend a lot of time researchin’ motives or cowboy philosophy when a stranger has a hold of  “the kid”.  In this pasture fracas, the cards have been dealt - Misunderstood gestures of good will, strong maternal instinct, lack of communication, and grim determination on both sides have been bet.  Who do you think is going to win the pot?  I always bet on the mama!  And pity on the innocent  bystander – the horse.   He wasn’t in favor of packing that calf to start with!

Edition of 28
9-1/2"W  x  7-1/2"D  x  15"H